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Performance coaching with daily accountability.

I coach founders and executives to improve personal output and business growth by providing a daily service to ensure consistent results.

Startup founders are highly talented individuals who put a lot of energy into developing a business.

What is often overlooked is the personal well being of the founder.  A healthier founder will deliver better results.

We drive founder health and growth leading to a balanced platform on which to grow a business.

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas Edison

How can I help?

Personal Development

By developing someone as a person, they will have more energy to create better outcomes for the business and themselves.

We focus first on personal well being whether it be through diet, exercise, sleeping patterns, stress management and mental strength.

  • Help founders lose weight, gain energy

  • Stress management and stoic exercises

  • Mental wellbeing

  • Personal awareness

Best Business Practice

With more than 20 systems at our disposal, we work with founders using best business practices within the startup.

Lean canvas modelling, wave planning, daily standup's and other evidence based systems are just part of what we work with the founders on.

  • Work with investors on specific needs 

  • Provide an outsiders perspective to the startup

  • Assist with system implementation


"Mark literally changed my outlook and direction in less than a week..."

Rupert Ballinger, Wundar

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