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Are you really f@#king struggling with life?

Here some simple steps to get you going…

Do you know of anyone who really struggle to get buy and really feel like they in the bottom of the barrel? This might help it worked for me.

Step 1 Danger Test

Get somewhere safe from whatever danger you are in now

Step 2 Assess your current situation

Write down where you are in Maslows Heirarchy of Needs

Its no that bad there is always some doing it worse… easy to say

In fact, right down all the good things in your life, a dog, a local butcher whatever and be grateful.

Just workout what stage you are at in your Maslows.

Step 3 Ring your mum…

Pride assist, someone in the word loves, ring them up tell it sucks right now but hey you really want to sort that out. Burnt to many bridges? Fuck it, call me

Step 4 Go to your doctor

Nothing beats a GP looking you over and seeing if there are any issues that can be fixed quickly. Also, is their undiagonized mental health problem that could do with some treatment. The government gives 10 free appointments a year in Australia.

Step 5 Your best self

Who was your best self and what were they doing 5 or 10 years ago when you were happy, note that time, why was it happy, what were you doing in life?

Start writing a list of the things you were experiencing at the time

Who were your friends, (reach out to them maybe), what music were you listening to.

When I was doing well I was:

  • Getting up every morning and going for a walk and a coffee

  • Writing out my daily goals

  • Having lots of human interaction

  • Reading books

  • Not watching the news

  • Working out 2 times a day

Step 6 Routine

Routine is mans best friend, start getting out of bed at the same time each day.

Structure to someones’ life is the key.

My structure works like this:

  • 6am wake and train

  • 7am to 9am setup work day

  • 9am to 11am 2 hours of power

  • 11am to 1pm gym

  • 1pm to 3pm siesta

  • 3pm to 6pm work

Start slow on routine and plan your day out with lots of time for you.

Baby Steps, Baby Steps, how to walk 10,000 miles? Take the first step, then another

Step 7 Get Honest

Write a list of all the habits that you think need to go to improve your quality of life.

Smoking, eating bad food, gambling.

Don’t judge yourself right now, don’t even committ to giving any of these up right now, it’s just not practical… take it slow

Important: This is an exercise in just getting the shit stuff off you brain and onto paper, you don’t have to deal with it, just be aware of it.

Now right down all the stuff you love doing…

If you had just one list cigarette yesterday, or paid one more bill this month than last, that is progress and builds momentum

Step 8 : Key stone habits

The easiest way to make real progress when changing habits is to find the one “keystone” habit that if under control naturally makes the other habits easier to kick.

Smoking? Go to the gym and run. You will vomit. I did. Also when you start working out you eat better and feel better

Step 9 : Get a mentor or a couch

Someone non-judgement who has been through a similar.

DO NOT GIVE UP. I can help you just call me for a free chat 0451188667

Thanks for reading, hopefully this will help a few people out.

Mark Dixon

My name is Mark Dixon. I am a drug addict, a fully qualified life and business coach and really fucking care for humans. Reach me at or on 0451188667

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